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Since 1997 Independent Commodity Services has  provided independent market analysis to woolgrowers throughout Australia, and to wool traders internationally.  We aim to provide commercially useful market advice, making sense of and putting into context, the myriad of information available to those in the wool industry.

Independent Commodity Services (ICS) was established with the assistance of Holmes, Sackett & Associates - agricultural business management consultants based in Wagga Wagga NSW. ICS was born in response to a growing need to supply meaningful market analysis to farmers. By extension this analysis also provides the basis for our services to brokers and traders.

recent analysis

The change in fine wool volume (cumulative 12 month supply) explains around 2/3 of the change fine wool premiums. The supply cycle for fine wool is swinging from an increasing cycle to a decreasing cycle, which will be supportive of increased fine wool premiums.

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